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Service Recipient Says

My hair was falling out a lot, and I was starting to feel old. I felt that I was starting to lose my confidence and decided to have a hair transplant. I had heard that Turkey is good for hair transplants, and I started to research where I could get it done during the holiday. I found some places and started talking, then I decided to make an agreement with this place. Everything was very easy anyway. I love my new look. I feel so young.

K. E. NY Citizen

My wife and I had gained a lot of weight from sitting at home during the pandemic, and now it has started to turn into health problems. We were having difficulty walking, our mobility was very weak, and we were eating unhealthy. We decided to put a stop to this. We wanted to lose weight in the company of a specialist and regain our old health with physical therapy. We saw the advertisements for weight loss camps accompanied by a dietitian and started to examine them. We learned the details of the camp; we understood how it was; how long it took; we talked about what could be done; and then we made our decision and came to Turkey. We had already made our plan before we came. We got very good results in an average of 2 months. We are back in America now, and we feel renewed and very healthy.

A. Muller

I had an accident a few months ago. Almost all of my teeth were broken, so almost all of my mouth needed treatment. Dentists were very expensive. I didn't have that much money, so I started looking for both quality and cheaper places. I asked my friends, and they suggested this place to me. I talked to them and they took my x-rays. We planned my treatment. It was a bit long, but what they said was completely over in time. I am very happy with my new smile.

S.Rahimov Azerbaijan Citizen

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